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QUanzhou HuDing  Machinery Co.,Ltd is an international machinery company with a long history specializing in manufacture of block making machines, hydraulic brick press machine, foam concrete wall panel equipment etc. Since the foundation of the company we are committed to develop excellent and innovative block making machines for our clients with strong belief in powerful of specialization. It’s our passion that to provide high technology and unparalleled service and pass our rich experience to our clients.HuDing machinery stands out with its homeland colleagues in the field of  block making machines, balloon printing machines after several decades of intensive work and continued innovation. It not only enjoys an absolute advantage over other homegrown brands, but also claims impressive victories in competition with foreigner manufacturers in the field of  block making machines and balloon printing products. 

Thanks to hormonal combination of advanced European technology, excellent skill and outstanding talent of European engineer and unique experience of our company, HuDing machinery managed to sharply cut the gap between itself and European colleagues with minimum cost of time, energy and capital. It’s high quality and reliable and excellent performance surprised the worldwide customers, conquer the heart and soul of our potential clients all over the world and make an historical contribution to development of the brick making equipment.
Absorbing experience and technology in development of  block making machines and balloon printing machines, HuDingmachinery pioneered to create new model of  block making machines technology. It’s reasonable to believe that HuDing machinery will be unquestionable leader and unchangeable pioneer in the field of balloon printing plant.
First-class products are meant to be espoused to first-class service. HuDing machinery is dedicated to provide our clients with timely, convenient and secure service all over the world.

HuDing machinery is your reliable partner, a reliable partner is crucial to your success, any success!



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