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Fly ash brick investment advantages

With the fast development of the power plant, the output of fly ash is more and more, now days the fly ash is one of  the new type wall materials, with the big supporting of the government,  the price is lower and lower with the increased discharging. From this, we can see that the cost of fly ash brick investment is lower, and sales well, besides the fly ash bricks with many advantages than clay bricks, developing the fly ash brick can up to the state industry policy requirement, is worth to extend and usage.
Fly ash brick investment advantages:
Reducing the cost of recycle, at the same time find new resource of the construction industry, turning the “waste” into “wealth”, improving the cycle economy.
Saving land, supporting agriculture.
The plant layout is compact, with short production cycle, no need burning, only with steam to steam curing, so the fuel consumption is very low, reducing the air pollution.
With high degree of the mechanical and automatic, high production capacity, and lower manpower requirement.
Without influence by the season and climate, can producing all over the year.
The light density, and small WMK, is good to improve construction function , and reducing cost.

Besides the above items, fly ash brick production line with the required raw material:
fly ash should be up to JC/T 409 standard.
Lime should be up to JC/T 6214 standard
Cement should be up to GB 175 standard.
Gypsum, admixture and pigment should be up to the relative requirements, also should without bad influence to the brick performance.

The aggregate should be up to standard, radioactive substance should be allowed to GB 6763 standard.



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