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The Maintenance of Hollow Brick Making Machine

     As a professional manufacturer engaged in the management of the hollow brick making machine, here to share with you the matters that should pay attention to the hollow brick machine in maintenance:
1, When daily cleaning the mould,  use air compressor and soft tool to remove concrete residue. It is forbidden to heavily knlock , pry and srape the mould.

2, When install and change the mould of hollow brick machine equipment, must pay attention to avoid collision. The collision between mold and mold, the collision between mold and other parts, both need to avoid. In case of deformation or other damage.
3, Carefully adjust clearance, including the space of head and the mold core,  head and sport plane, mould frame and line plate. Relative motion shall not interfere and brush touch.
4, Check condition of mold size and welding combining site in use. If happen weld cracking, should timely repair. If wear is too quickly, you can adjust the aggregate size. The excessive wear affects the quality of products , should match the new mould.

5, The mold has been replaced, should be cleaned, and oiled metal surface rust.  Then flat it in dry and level off place to prevent the gravity deformation.
   When Choose mechanical equipment , must look for the good manufacturer. Huding Machinery is a professional manufacturer engaged in production of baking-free brick machine, our products are surely let you satisfied in buying and satisfied in use!


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