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You should know it-Hydraulic Press Block Machine

Quanzhou Huding Machinery Co., Ltd. makes detailed introduction for everyone: the material of cement brick machine must contain cement. Cement brick is the use of slag, fly ash, stone, sand, gravel, cement and others as raw materials, scientific ratio, mixing of water, through high pressure hydraulic brick machine to produce cement bricks, hollow bricks and colored pavement bricks.

Hydraulic brick making machine forms principle is emphasizes without fire. Cement brick machine must use cement, certainly not fired, so they are also called unburned brick making machine. Unburned brick making machine is the production of bricks without burning,but it can be used directly. This saves our precious land resources, baking-free brick machine combined with the current domestic and foreign similar characteristics and market demand to design and manufacture of new brick machine equipment. It is a machine with more name, baking-free brick machine is give up by the country, The rest of the industry regarded nickname, considered another name.

Hope the above description can bring help to large customer, it is recommended that you come to visit Quanzhou Huding Machinery company, our staff will take you to see the production workshop and the surrounding brick factory demonstration and operation.



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