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How many factors are affecting the strength of cement bricks

As we all know, nowadays cement brick gradually replace clay brick. Having gradually occupied the market, and cement brick is lighter weight, higher strength, no fire, the material is the fly ash which is the pollution of  power plant, environmental protection, countries have been vigorously promoted. 

How to determine the quality of the cement brick , the main reason is the strength of the cement brick, at the same time the strength of the cement brick is  more concern, so what is the strength of the concrete brick? And what is the affecting factors? 

In fact, the same kind specifications products have uniform quality standard. But due to the development of unburned brick  unbalanced for the same product quality requirements is different , standard cement brick (for example, 240 *115 *90 mmwall brick, strength grade 10 mpa) can also have a number of factors to affect the strength of the cement brick, so in the process of production must be strict accordance with the formula and production process to perform, otherwise cement brick will be turned into a pile of waste,making serious economic loss to us. Impact strength of cement brick is divided into: the pressure of super hard, hard, modest, soft. the same type of material, the porosity is larger, the lower the strength. 

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