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hollow block machine price and investment

With the society development,the requirements of construction material hasincreased .And more and more brick factories have appeared.So the machine price has become a focus of many guests. The price of hollow block machinechanges with the fluctuation of the raw material price . In addition,the structure and properties of hollow block machine has a big influence on machine price.

The hollow block machine is a new type brick making machine in order to meet market requirement.With fly ash, slag, powder, cinder, coal gangue, tailings as raw material,producing hollow bricks, steam-cured bricks, refractory bricks, porous bricks and colour paving bricks

The hollow block machine of Temin has the advantages of compact structure,arge pressing force, strong rigidity, sealed dust, simple operation, high production capacity etc,is popular among small and medium enterprises.

Now we will share some investment experience of hollow block machine.

1. raw material investigation
Confirm if there are fly ash, slag, powder, cinder, coal gangue, tailings or building rubbish,choosing two type as the raw material,then you can make full use of it .
2.choice of brick machine
We choose brick machine according to own conditions and the area of plant.And different machine has different per day production capacity.Moreover,before-sale and after-sale service is as important as price and quality.
3.plant position
Firstly,for reducing transport cost,the plant should be near to the resource.Secondly,taking into account the sales and transport,so the traffic should be convenient.
4.concerned about national policy

such as the development of new type wall material,it is helpful to get more benefits.

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