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  • HM8 block making machine
HM8 block making machine

HM8 block making machine

  • Product description: HDM block making machine QT8-15 cement brick machine

Descriptions of QT8-15 Brick Making Machine

1. Material storage and distribution system is uniquely designed to guarantee the accuracy of supply, reduce the uneven density caused by self pressure and external factor, and ensure a speedy delivery and precise charging.

2. Multi-source vibration system: designed for the large-scale brick making machine; suitable for large platform; an integration of computer-controlled, hydraulic-driven and electromechanical technology; synchronous way of vibration with adjustable force and frequency; charging at low frequency, while molding at high frequency; the vibrate force can be adjusted according to various raw materials to reach the best effect.

3. Control system: efficient combination of digital number with displacement and sensor technology enables every movement to be precise and reliable, and is very suitable for busy and complicated work. The system is advanced in technology and easy to handle because it uses several hundreds of manufacturing techniques.

4. Automated self-diagnosis: the computer fault automatic self-diagnosing system is attached to the machine to serve an alarm reporting function and thus facilitate the elimination of any faults.

Technical Data of QT8-15 Brick Making Machine

Overall dimension(mm) 4290×2150×2750mm
Pallet size(mm) 880×880×25mm(bamboo pallet)
Total weight(kg) 11500kg
Way of vibration Table and mould resonance
The frequency of vibrate(Hz) 50-70hz
Cycle time(s) 15s
Installed capacity (KW) 32.5kw

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